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In the end,
it doesn't really matter who you are
when all you can do is conceive
unintellectual thoughts derived from
the anger that has been poured into you
from childhood,
if you really think that getting angry
so easily,
will keep someone by your side,
it's not that simple.
All you really do
when you get angry
is push everyone close to you

your anger isn't from the person
that it's directed at,
it's not from what they did
or how they acted.
You Getting Angry
is not anyone else's problem
but your own,
because in the End
you'll cut yourself off from everyone you know
and find you are all alone
with no one to comfort you.

If you think you won't need any comfort
or that people will continually put up with being
for no reason
then this should be a wake up call,
the anger you feel is all about
how you think things Should be
and how you know what's right
and everyone else that doesn't know is just another loser.
this sort of thinking is wrong.
People will act differently and to their own understanding
of what is right and Good or even what they want.

But to say all this is still meaningless,
because in the end,
you will still get mad over the smallest things
that shouldn't matter so much.
yet they matter so much to you
that it creates a void between you and others
that grows,

It's not healthy.

reevaluate what should be important to you
people who Love You
people who lie to you
people who keep you low
people who know you need help
and don't do anything
people you know that give you
meaningless words and no real strength
of conviction
your relationship with God
your emotional status
you're Dear and precious one
the promises you made
the Hope you had kindled

you need something in growth
something worth fighting for
you need the will to Forgive
when your past just keeps
fighting you.

this is for you
but don't forget
I keep my hand
as a way for you

if you choose it.
please understand I hold you in the highest respect.
Christianonfire7 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Very interesting piece,
you should definitely respect yourself.
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November 8, 2012
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